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The Bombay Phenotype


ABO and H are the most important of the currently characterized blood group systems, since incompatibility between transfused red cells and recipient plasma leads to potentially devastating consequences. Those learning about this system spend lots of time memorizing biochemical details that can be overwhelming. In addition, exam-writers seem to enjoy asking questions about unusual entities in these systems that most blood bankers will never see in real life. Two very rare situations with altered red blood cell appearances (“phenotypes”), known as “Acquired B” and “Bombay,” are among those most frequently discussed on examinations. In a previous post, I discussed the Acquired B Phenotype (see my web page for further details and a video presentation). Today, let’s proceed with details about the very famous Bombay Phenotype.

In the 1950’s, a small group of people were identified in an area in India surrounding the city of Bombay (now called “Mumbai”) that…

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