Conversations I Wish I Had


Disclaimer: this blog is more the result of a collection of texts I find online rather than write, and it thus follows that the entries being published are not authored by me. That said, if you want, you can read some of my own writing on my other blog flawed, but I warn you, I tend not to write in consistent manner, given other engagements such as work, education and other worthy excuses I tell myself daily.

And now, in terms of the ‘why’ I created this blog… Basically, this blog was initially intended as a means to bridge the distance between a friend who’d recently moved away and myself. I started posting things that I deemed would make good conversation pieces someday. In a way, this blog is a collection of all the unfulfilled conversations within our friendship (Cue: Awwwww. Yes. I am cheesy).

I expand a little more on the ‘Lost Art of Conversation’ in the only post I authored on marredconversationalists, which you can find at:

Lastly, I hope you’ll enjoy this eclectic assortment of texts I read, gather and reblog daily.


6 comments on “About

  1. Chris
    July 19, 2014

    I like the idea of collecting topics for future conversations. Honoured that you found one of my blog posts worthy of a possible future chat with your friend.

  2. gregg
    January 13, 2015

    Congrats- My first Eva’ reblog- EVER! You win a prize (from the lower shelf though – you need three reblogs for the big stuffed scooby doo dog!)

  3. Hi CIWIH, what a great idea. It’s like the electronic version of cutting clippings from the paper or from magazines. Thanks for including me in your conversations too. AA

    • Lyla Michaels
      April 24, 2015

      Thank you! I hadn’t thought of it like that, but it makes sense 🙂

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