Conversations I Wish I Had

Empty Corridor

Behind the White Coat

He leans in over the hospital bed for the kill, one hand on the arm of the young man lying asleep there.

He has given this speech hundreds of times. He knows from experience that here, right here, he needs to pause for dramatic effect.

“The only humane thing at this point is palliative care.”

He stands up straight and crosses his arms across his chest and waits, satisfied with his delivery.

She looks down at her baby, the boy trapped here in a man’s body.

This doctor does not know that her first husband, her boy’s father, beat her. That he tried to kill her and the boy but the gun jammed and that a short time later, thankfully, he died in a car accident before he could touch her again.

He does not know that her second husband, the love of her life, died unexpectedly at age forty…

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