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Thoughts on the Moral Law

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“All men alike stand condemned, not by alien codes of ethics, buy by their own, and all men therefore are conscious of guilt.” -C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain. Now that’s a quote, isn’t it? Or at least I thought so when I was reading in religion class today. Lewis, of course, is talking about the moral law. According to Lewis, and most people (that is, if you can get them to think philosophically), there is an innate moral law “either inexplicable illusion, or revelation,” in us all. This moral law, or whatever you want to call it, is part of what makes humans humans.

So what about this “all men alike stand condemned” business? All men are guilty of something. No man is free of wrongdoing. But then I wonder, are all men really conscious of guilt? Surely an axe murderer knows what he is doing is wrong, but…

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