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Reblog: “Candidates targeted by sexist, revolting graffiti” by Kate Sheridan, MONTREAL GAZETTE

“As campaign posters go up, vandalism often follows. Most graffiti is benign: Mulcair sporting Sharpie sunglasses on a poster near Dominion Square or a photoshopped Liberal poster for a Klingon candidate in the fictitious riding of Qo’noS—Praxis— Verdun. But some vandalism on posters for a female Conservative candidate in Pierrefonds—Dollard is simply vile. Some of Valérie Assouline’s campaign signs have been marred by unprintable phrases referring to the candidate’s sexual habits. Others had condoms filled with hand cream attached near Assouline’s face. A large, dark dildo was glued over her mouth on another. […] Would this ever happen to a male candidate? “Of course not,” Assouline said. “This is an attack on me, because I am a woman, because I look like a woman. It’s unacceptable.” Vandalism has long been a fact of life in election campaigns, but the sexist nature of graffiti targeting female candidates illustrates the special challenges facing women in politics.”

To read the rest of the article:


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