Conversations I Wish I Had

Man vs. Mule

Behind the White Coat

port hole in old ship

“Doc, I don’t want to have any more tests. Hell, I don’t even want to take any meds. If I die, I die. I ain’t scared of meetin’ my maker.”

“Well, I understand about not being afraid to meet your maker. I know you have a strong faith in God. For my part, I am not afraid to have you die, either. I hope for your sake that is what happens. What I am afraid of is having you have a stroke that is not bad enough to kill you, that leaves you paralyzed and unable to train those mules that you love so much.”

He had already had about three transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) in the past six months. They were signaling something bigger approaching.

His wife, sitting in the corner, piped up, “I sure as heck ain’t wipin’ yer butt for ya! You have a stroke and I’m…

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