Conversations I Wish I Had


Behind the White Coat

Cambodia 398

“Doc, let me give you a tip. When you are talking to them about it, don’t sound upset.”


“Don’t sound upset.”

“Upset? When did I sound upset?”

“The other day when you were talking about the way they were handling documents.”

“I WAS upset. They keep doing that no matter how many times I talk to them without sounding upset. THEY ARE JUST NOT LISTENING. I don’t do that all the time, do I?”

“I’m not keeping count…”

“Ok, but I wasn’t yelling or making accusations or throwing things or cussing. I let them see a glimpse of how crazy this makes me feel.”

So I have been thinking, what is wrong with showing emotion? Should we not show anything but positive emotion? Should we cocoon ourselves in a fake PolyAnna land where we all go skipping along singing about the birds and the trees? Sterilize the world of…

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