Conversations I Wish I Had


Behind the White Coat

Ship mast in black and white.
“So, I am the manager at that other clinic right by you.” The woman regarded me haughtily.

“Oh, right… Nice to meet you…” I turned and scribbled my name on the sign in sheet.

“We are sort of in competition… in a way.” She half smiled. “It is nice to be able to put a face to a name, doc. I hear a lot about you from patients that come over.”

I stared at her.

I had had a terrible, super crazy day. She was The Competition? Hell. Some days are so emotionally depleting that it leaves me numb and incapable of dealing with snarky small talk.

“We are overrun with patients. There is just no way we can take care of all of them. You are welcome to anyone you can steal.”


“Oh. Well, we have the same problem. We are waaaaay too busy.”


I walked…

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