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“You coded a 99213 on this patient. The documentation level indicates it should have been a 99214….”

“Right. She was self pay so I down coded a smidge.”

“That is why we have cash pay discounts, so you don’t have to do that.” The woman scowled at me from the other side of my desk.

“She is a single mom and needs that money for school clothes. See, I wrote that in the History of Present Illness section…”

“You need to recode that,” she interrupted. “Additionally, you did not charge for the pulse ox reading.”

“I felt guilty charging her $14 to slap an electrode on her finger for 20 seconds.”

“You need to add that charge, too.”

“Is that all?”

“Here is another one, similar issue…”

Eventually she left. I piled the paperwork into the shred bin and authorized my office manager to keep the charges where they were…

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