Conversations I Wish I Had

Dance Followup

Behind the White Coat

Girl eating an ice cream cone.

“Does she have any family here?”

The instructor was standing beside my daughter as her tiny feet tap danced to “Let it Go”. She was not really following the routine everyone else was tapping out but the smile on her face made my heart melt. She was so proud to be showing off.

I stepped forward, indicating she belonged to me.

That’s my baby!

“This is the most she has done all week,” the instructor said solemnly in a loud whisper.

My daughter looked up, a worried look playing across her face.

“Really?” I was shocked. She had been so eager….

The instructed nodded and moved off without another word to me.

My daughter stopped dancing.

The music was still playing. Everyone else was still dancing. She just stood there, unmoving, a look of pain and confusion on her face.

“Go on, sweetie! Keep going! You are doing great!” I…

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