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University of Toronto doubles down, restates anti vaccine syllabus not unbalanced

Dr. Jen Gunter

This week I posted concerns regarding the University of Toronto‘s response to complaints from scientists and faculty regarding the course Alternative Health at the Scarborough Campus. To summarize, the course was taught by a homeopath and the associated required reading/videos for the class on vaccines was comprised entirely of anti-vaccine propaganda. The syllabus also advised students the course would help them understand how quantum mechanics could explain homeopathy.

What the Vice-President and Provost had to say

The anti vaccine concerns were addressed by the Provost’s office, but the faculty who wrote about the abuse of physics are still hitting refresh on their e-mail. Here’s a quote from the Vice-President’s review:

I do not find the instructor’s approach in this class has been, or would have reasonably been perceived to be unbalanced, in the sense that it deviated from a presentation of material that, in context, would enable critical analysis, and inquiry…

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