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Read This If You Have Embarrassed Yourself Recently

“Embarrassment is a product of something gone wrong in the short-term, but something gone right in the bigger scheme. It’s a product of being the kind of person who tries too hard, lives too fully, gives themselves too completely to every task that they undertake. It’s the product of being someone who goes unashamedly for what they want instead of sitting on the sidelines wondering what it would be like to have actually tried.”- Heidi Priebe

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There is a specific, gut wrenching feeling that comes along with remembering an embarrassing experience. And it’s one that none of us are exempt from.

You’re out walking around in the world when suddenly that mortifying experience from two weeks ago pops into your mind – and instantly all you want is for the sidewalk to split in half and swallow you whole so you can disappear below it and never be seen again. You are immediately certain that every person who has ever seen you embarrass yourself is thinking about you in that exact moment – reliving what you’ve done in excruciating detail and judging you without remorse. That the people on the street around you, even, can sense something is off – that you have done something deeply shameful and they can see through your flimsy act.

In reality, we remember our own embarrassments with a…

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