Conversations I Wish I Had

Pretty Poison

Dear me. This is dreadful

Behind the White Coat

Rock covered in tiny orange and pink anemone.

“Doc, I went to the Doc-In-A-Box a few months ago with a sinus infection. They did a chest X-ray then gave me some sort of antibiotic and a cough syrup and something else I don’t even remember.” He shifted uncomfortably, as if he felt like he had been cheating on me. “Then I went a couple of months ago for abdominal pain. I had to do a CT scan but that was negative. They did a bunch of blood work. I don’t know what all they checked but they told me it was fine. The pain never went away, though.”

“Wait. Did you call here for an appointment?” Did my staff turn him away?

“Nah. My employer says I can’t see you except for my yearly physical. I have to go to a Doc-In-A-Box for anything else or it won’t be covered at all.”

Unfortunately, this was not the first…

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