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Why You Should Never Have the “What Are We?” Talk

“Asking is a cheap way of putting the stakes of the relationship on the other person instead of owning up to your own feelings. I know countless relationships that have been left at a standstill because no one had the guts to say “I want you” without asking the other person for validation.”

Thought Catalog

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It seems to be a common theme in my dating life that I am continuously entering and exiting ambiguous relationships. My most recent experience started off as a standard relationship – a few dates turned into “hanging out” which turned into talking every day, etc. Within the few months that went by, it was clear that we spent most of our free time together, and it was just a matter of time before someone said out loud and in the open that we were exclusive. But things took a weird turn for a variety of reasons, and then he approached me with the question, “What are we?”

And you know what? Neither of us could answer that question.

Quite honestly, I was in shock when he had asked me. We were at the tipping point of the months-long affair. We had already gone through a couple of early milestones, and…

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