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Guest Post: Accusations and second chances

Tenure, She Wrote

Today’s guest post was contributed by a university Assistant Professor

As women in academia we talk a lot about helping and supporting other women. We want to make academia a safer place for us, and to not have incidents of sexual assault, harassment, or discrimination swept under the rug. But what happens when we’re friends or colleagues or mentors of the accused perpetrator in one of those situations? How do we react? How do we feel? Does the same logic that we apply to other peoples’ situations still make sense when we’re emotionally invested?

I had a friend who was involved in an indiscretion with a student. Details of the incident were hazy to everyone, even to the participants (because of inebriation). Colleagues and students were kept in the dark because of privacy issues, and the incident never made it into the media. I felt pulled in so many directions…

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