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What can you do with anthropology?

I remember hearing the horror stories told by my older brother about “Hell Week.”  He would come home after finals and melt into a frustrated puddle of angst, and exhaustion.  “Hell Week” is a term college students use to describe both the week before finals and the week during finals.  These two final weeks of the semester, stress is so thick in the air you could cut it with a knife.  In these last two weeks students are transformed into academic zombies.  It is easy to spot these academic Zombies because there is a blank stare inhabiting their eyes, they have the trade mark cup of coffee and dark circles to match their uncombed hair and “relaxed” attire.  These students are victims of burnout.  Burnout is a work related disorder and for these college students, is caused by their work over load.

The burnout disorder is accompanied by a long…

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