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Because, That’s Why!

Loved this one too. So eloquent 🙂

Behind the White Coat

“Mommy? If he loves her, why is he doing mean things to her?” My son asked.

I don’t even know exactly how or why but we were listening to The Phantom Of The Opera soundtrack in the car. They wanted me to explain the story line as they were listening.

The Phantom is angry because he loves Christine and wants her to be with him but she does not want to go. Yes, it is like he is stealing her, taking her to his lair, his home under the opera…

“Yeah, mommy. Why? Why is he mean to her? You don’t do that if you love somebody!” my daughter chimed in.

Good question, kids. Good question….

It is interesting how accustomed to things we become, how we just accept them without question. Like hurting someone we love. It just happens. Is there ever a reason? Love by its very nature…

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