Conversations I Wish I Had

Closed Door

It’s a shame. Aren’t all doctors part of the same team? 😛

Behind the White Coat


“Doc, I can’t stand him. I don’t want to go back. Ever.” She sat with her arms crossed across her chest, scowling.

“Oh.” I felt awful. I work hard to refer to the best possible specialists. Did I miss the mark for her somehow? “Tell me why.”

“He told me that my dizziness was because of BPPV and that most doctors don’t even know what those letters mean.”

Most doctors meaning me?

“Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo?”

“Yes! THAT! You know what it is?” She sounded impressed.

“Uh. Yeah. I was not aware that most doctors don’t know what BPPV is…”

“Well, then he said sarcastically that he knew I would go home and read all about BPPV and then I would know more about it than any doctor… any doctor except for him, that is.”

Any doctor, including me? Why did I feel defensive, like he was pointing the stupid…

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