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Why Can’t HIV-Free Gay Men Donate Blood?

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People get squeamish when talking about sex. It’s a fact. And gay sex? Out of the question.

When it comes to giving blood, the LGBT community is ultimately banned from donating because of sex.

This is a problem for homosexual individuals.

When I went to donate at a Red Cross blood drive on my college campus, I inquired about the LGBT policy. I was told that, as a gay man, I was not allowed to donate blood.

Is it a right to be able to donate blood? Of course not.

The CDC states that men who have sex with men “account for more than half of the 1.2 million people living with HIV in the United States.” There’s no denying that sexually active homosexual men are more at risk for HIV/AIDS than “the average” person.

This might not seem like an important point for most heterosexual individuals. Why the…

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