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6 Untraditional Habits That Are Scientifically Proven To Make You Happier

Thought Catalog

Flickr / Shaun FisherFlickr / Shaun Fisher

People who want to feel physically fit often put focus and energy into the pursuit of training their bodies. They may go to a gym and run on a treadmill, lift weights, or begin to take walks. Just like our bodies, through simple daily practices our brains can be “trained” to experience things in a more positive and adaptive way. The main premise behind cognitive behavioral therapy-one of the most effective forms of therapy-is that it is not external events that shape our happiness-rather what actually impacts our happiness is how we think about those events.

By doing things in our daily life that help us to attune to the positive and that boost our mood, we can actually change the neural pathways in our brain. While it may feel forced and phony at first to try to focus on positive things in our life, with…

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