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8 Emotions Commitment-Phobes Experience When They Actually Start To Feel Something

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Who is this magical, mystical creature? Was he delivered to earth by Zeus himself in a blaze of lightning? Is Hercules jealous his beautiful brother is giving him a run for his money? How many sculptures has Leonardo Da Vinci molded after that razor sharp jawline? Does he excrete rainbows? He must – look at that ass! His eyes sing secret symphonies that could bring dead infants back to life. They should probably test his saliva for the secret ingredient to curing cancer, too. God damn.



How would he fit into my life? Would my brothers set up traps to “accidentally” break his bones on staircases or would they willingly show him the way to the living room? Are his palms a good fit for mine? More importantly, how many Cheezels can he grab? Has my quest to find the perfect person to feed me crumbs…

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