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MILLENNIALS: Find Your Dinosaur And Don’t Lose It!

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Maybe it’s because I’m still a student. Maybe it’s because I grew up saying “when I grow up I’m gonna be” never actually picturing the reality of my generation being ‘the future’ actually being right now. Maybe it’s because I figured most people would eventually become, or aspire to become, suits…

Recently I looked around and couldn’t help but be in awe of how inspiring and brave the people of my generation are. I don’t know why “millennials” are getting so much crap lately. As a law student hearing about “going corporate” and “big law” and going where the money is all the time, it’s easy to lose your idealism… become “the man.” Hide your tattoos, be professional, wear a suit, etc. Honestly I’ve figured, “Hey, I guess this is just what becoming an adult is.”

Nope! It’s not. This just in: you don’t have to lose your dinosaur!


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