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5 Texts From Your Ex And What They Really Mean

Thought Catalog

“How have you been?” Hey! What’s up! I’ve been actively trying to get over you for weeks/months/years and I think I’ve done it, I really think I have. I’m asking you how you are so that you’ll ask me how I am and I can say, “GREAT!” with a smile on my face as I maniacally type the word, almost with so much fervor that I actually believe it. Because I am great. I am so, so great that I am texting my ex to inquire as to how they are. Because I can handle it. Because I am doing really, really well. I’m great. Really.

“Hey, do you have anything I left at your place?” Hey! I want to talk to you about something, but I really can’t think of anything to say besides vaguely accusing you of not returning my shit. I might actually miss a shirt or…

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