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Second Breakfast: “Wow, I’ve Never Seen a ‘Cinderella’ Like This Before”

Loved the analysis

Rooster Illusion


Disney is currently in the no doubt arduous process of remaking all of their classic princess movies as live action films, apparently shot for shot. No matter how many letters I write to Disney World politely asking for an explanation, they won’t respond. The only possible explanation for this, and for their secrecy, is that they’re covertly planning to bring together all the Disney Princesses in an Avengers-esque expanded universe or, you know, a messy Kingdom Hearts adaptation. Since little boys are responding so well to the Marvel franchise, this seems like the logical stab at the young girl demographic, because Disney famously tends to leave that one unexploited.

Cinderella (2015)


The Plot: This should be familiar to everyone. Although she had a happy childhood with her parents, Ella (Lily James) winds up leading an unhappy existence waiting on her cruel stepmother (Cate Blanchett) and obnoxious stepsisters (Sophie McShera…

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