Conversations I Wish I Had


Our healthcare system is so screwed up.

Behind the White Coat


“Doc, his MRI was rejected. You have to do a peer to peer.”


I hate that.

My staff had already spent half an hour getting the forms filled out and records sent over to the insurance company for the prior authorization, not to mention the time it had taken between the patient and the imaging center getting the thing scheduled in the first place.

I dialed the number and endured the automated phone tree. Finally I got a representative who informed me the phone call may be recorded for “quality assurance purposes.” Sure. Whatever.

I had to spend ten minutes telling the rep all sorts of things that they already knew. Why? Just because.

Then I was transferred to another rep and repeated the process.

“Hold while I get the doctor for you…”

Ten minutes later…

“Has he done a trial of NSAIDS?”


“Does he have any documented…

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