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16 People On What They Regret Most

Thought Catalog

twenty20_323375ae-fb3a-469c-ad81-32d7833bace31. “As a kid, I hated garlic, and refused to eat anything with garlic in it. I was in college when I finally gave it a chance, and it was like a miracle exploded in my mouth. I regret every moment that I could have spent eating that wondrous food.” –Sara, 23

2. “Not asking a friend of mine out. We got along really well, but I was too scared to mess up our friendship. Now she lives across the country, and I rarely talk to her. I should have just gone for it.” –Mark, 27

3. “I should have told more people that I loved them and often. I was such a closed-off person well through my thirties, and looking back, that was very foolish. It’s such a simple thing to let people know that they’re loved and appreciated, but it makes all the difference to them.” –Jean, 68

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