Conversations I Wish I Had

Hospital Cheese

If more doctors could read patients’ accounts. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully, more people will read you, and maybe some doctors or future ones.

Mocking Bird Down

The trend in the past has been to write about my hospital trips with as much humour as possible. Today shall be no different…

I hate hospitals. I hate the way they smell, and I hate being in them for whatever reason, but they are a regular occurrence on my timeline and so I choose to take note of it all and try to find the funny in what would otherwise be a miserable affair.

This morning I had to be there at 7am sharp (which for me is the arse crack of dawn and not a good time of day for my sparkling personality) and report to admissions. I filled in all the forms, and started to look forward to the pre op sedative they had promised me before.

I was booked into the wrong ward. Surgery One. Which is for people who are staying overnight. I was meant…

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