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What About Reblogging? (Ethics of Blog Sharing)

Earlier this evening, an author whose post I had reblogged raised an issue with reblogging and authors’ rights.

My first reaction was to be horrified, because my understanding of reblogging had always been that it is just like retweeting. Easy-peasy problem to solve, right?

EHNT!!!!!! Wrong Answer. (By the way, is this the correct onomatopoeia?)

After explaining myself and sorting out this issue with a very understanding and gracious person, all that I could think about however were the comments this author had made, which had started a cascade of questions to flow through my brain… (hmm, the syntax feels wrong in this sentence, so my apologies, English is not my mother tongue). Then I realized this topic was actually a good conversation piece to add here. Maybe many brains reflecting on this question will be better than one. Maybe it’ll get people thinking (and even fired up) about this particular matter. I’m very curious to know what are your thoughts.

When one quotes an article for say, a paper, the proper way to go about it is to cite the author, the year of publication and the page where the quote can be found. Then, the article is sourced in the bibliography that accompanies the paper.

What about blogs?

When you reblog another person’s post, since it appears on your page, should you ask for the author’s permission to re-publish their work? Does reblog count as re-publishing or quoting/sourcing? What’s the proper way to go about it?

Before this comment, I had never contemplated this question, but now I think it’s worth actually thinking, reflecting and debating about.

In the ‘internet age,’ how does one go about respecting an author’s intellectual property?

I mean, we share so many things, be it videos on youtube or pins, so when does ‘sharing’ actually crosses the line into the domain of copyrights?

Any thoughts?

Lastly, I’d like to say that every time I reblogged a post, my intentions were to advertise for the author and their blog, provide other readers with an opportunity to read a post I had thought to be interesting and allow them to discover other blogs (‘sharing is caring?’). In the event I ever offended anyone (else), you have my sincere apologies, my motives were  good-intentionned.

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You’re all recruited, so share this post along, get your entourage to reflect on this. The more, the better. GET THIS CONVERSATION STARTED!!!!

What about reblogging?


2 comments on “What About Reblogging? (Ethics of Blog Sharing)

  1. sudhasarathi61
    March 11, 2015

    my dear that is the only reason why we should understand nondual living. the saints and ageless rishis of India gave so much intellectual property but never claimed rights. claiming rights for arranging words into a sentence is the most bizarre of claims.

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