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Facing Our Illusions

Awakening Journey

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During our spiritual journey, we face the Dark Night of the Soul.   In this period, we begin to see clearly the illusions that is our life.  We have chased after relationships, friendships, and jobs/careers that were not meant for us or not good or healthy for us, but our egos desire them and want to be right.  So, around and around we go for soul lives chasing after these illusions as they become the lives we live.

When dealing with illusions, it is not only facing them as they are not real, but we must give our intentions to leave those illusions behind, and begin a new life that is different.  If not, we will merely repeat the same unhealthy behaviors, and make the same decisions as before but with different people and situations.

I began to see my illusions in 2012 soon after my Kundalini energy rose as…

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