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The Transcendent Unity of Religions


[Photo is of Mount Damavand in Iran]

The subject is borrowed from the book of the same title, The Transcendent Unity of Religions, by Frithjof Schuon, the principal exponent of the Traditionalist School of comparative religion. The transcendent unity of religions comes from the fact that there is one truth behind all revealed traditions, and that this truth reveals itself within diverse forms so to address the diverse modes of understanding and communication proper to various cultures: The Absolute becomes the relative so that the relative becomes the Absolute. This is the metaphysical mystery of which Perennial Philosophy speaks; it articulates the intrinsic relationship between the Principle and its Manifestation: The Principle being absolute must be transcendent and nondual; being Infinite it must manifest in diverse forms, and hence be at once immanent within its own manifestation. Thus, as the manifestation is always already prefigured in theā€¦

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