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That Familiar Flush Of Envy

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Unsplash / David Di VeroliUnsplash / David Di Veroli

If there’s one thing that’s going to ruin me, it’s my envy. My envy always visits me on quiet weekend nights when I should be taking care of myself, but instead I’ll find myself down rabbit holes of the internet which will serve up plenty of evidence as to how far I still have to go, where I’m not measuring up, etc, etc, et-fucking-cetera. The internet can be a bitch when you struggle with envy and competitiveness. It can be your own worst enemy’s sidekick, perfectly showing you everything you haven’t done, how many people you have yet to connect with, and where you haven’t measured up yet. If there’s one thing the internet excels at, it’s providing a breeding ground for the worst kind of comparison. And, I am certainly not above finding myself on someone’s Facebook page and feeling that flush in my…

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