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Orion Nebula

Colorblind Astrophotography

First time since I got my telescope that i got a good view from Orion. The moon was quite bright so I was not expecting much, but gave it a try with short exposures without my Light Pollution filter. Since the exposures were short, I took an enormous amount of them. I got about 270 frames in various exposure times.

Once I was post-processing them, i found out it was impossible to align the frames. My pictures contained a unbelievable amount of hot and cold pixels. And they where all over the pictures, and in the same places in each picture. So the star detection algorithm was always detecting the bad pixels as the main stars to align. It was very frustrating.

I tried to relax the star detection algorithm, try to only detect big stars and structures, tried many different ways, and my image was never aligned. So i…

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