Conversations I Wish I Had

Charmed, Life as a Hologram

The Periphery

“You kissed me beside a pond.”

“Ten thousand years ago.”

“It’s still happening.”

Two longtime friends and ex-lovers share this tenderness in Michael Cunningham’s novel The Hours. It points to this vision of time in which every moment is a part of every other moment, in which each point in time forever echoes within every other point in time.

Columbia University professor Robert Thurman, elaborates on the concept in an interview,

“…[This] moment is connected to the infinite future. …That’s a much richer moment. It relates to what we call in Buddhist philosophy and psychology non-dualist or non-duality where each moment is of course, contained like a hologram. Each moment contains all the other moments infinitely. But also each future moment contains this moment and all the past moments…”

I think back to a moment of brief reprieve within a convulsive break-up: Partly from a place of grief and partly…

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