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2 Glasses Of Wine And An Overrun Mind

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It’s interesting to me to see a constant pattern that seems to be an intertwining vine between many people’s lives; the idea of being alone.


What a small yet scary word.

Sometimes people never really know what it means to be alone. I, for one, have not really had the experience until I boarded that flight in Boston. It’s so much easier to know yourself with somebody else. Somebody that makes you feel happy, safe, secure, loved.

But it’s different when you’re alone.

When you’re alone you don’t necessarily have somebody to lean on, to pick you up when you’re feeling down, to make you laugh, to entertain you.

When you’re alone it’s just you, with you.

Sometimes other people just become a comfort, a habit. You become so accustomed to a routine with this person that they just become part of you, and you them. But what…

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