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Scientists Have Discovered What Makes Indian Food So Goddamn Good



Whenever someone who’s obviously never had Indian food before asks me what makes it so good, I ignore the question and take another bite — the MacGyver-ed naan wrap on my plate isn’t going to eat itself. Like most fans of cury and cayenne, I eat everything first and ask questions later. However, according to The Washington Post, data researchers at the Indian Institute for Technology crunched the numbers and figured out what makes traditional recipes tick:

It does something radical with flavors, something very different from what we tend to do in the United States and the rest of Western culture. And it does it at the molecular level.

European and American dishes tend to utilize components with flavors that sometimes overlap one another, often in complimentary ways. Indian cuisine? Not so much:

They examined how much the underlying flavor compounds overlapped in single dishes and discovered something very different from…

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