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Lingua Franca

What can you do with anthropology?

A bilingual stop sign in Quebec. Photo via Kids Brittanica.

Language is one of the most important aspects that make up a society’s culture. The language that people use helps to define them as a group of like individuals that differ from those of another language. A prime example of how language defines a group of people compared to others is shown in Samuel Victor’s article “Lingua Franca English, qu’est-ce que fuck!”

The province of Quebec, Canada is the only official unilingual French speaking province in the entire country. The province, and the city of Montreal especially, have historically set the stage for “linguistic territoriality” and breakthroughs in language law throughout Canada. The Charter of the French Language (Bill 101) is Quebec’s greatest language achievement which enforces the predominance of the French language in the public sphere. Quebec has gone to great lengths to ensure that the province sticks to its French roots, however the province is in constant battle…

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