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How did the University of Toronto IRB approve a homeopathy for ADHD study?

“The Dean of the School of Pharmacy has defended the study by claiming people are using homeopathic medications so they should be studied. Some people use witchcraft in healing, but that doesn’t mean we should turn U of T into Hogwarts.

The only homeopathy study that should be approved at the University of Toronto (and very appropriate for the School of Pharmacy) is a chemical evaluation of the products sold by Boiron to search for active ingredients.”


Dr. Jen Gunter

The University of Toronto is taking heat for studying homeopathy in children with ADHD.

For those of you not familiar with homeopathy, it is the practice of treating patients “with diluted natural substances aimed at stimulating the body’s healing systems” (this definition is from the paper used as the pilot study for the clinical trial we are discussing). The more dilute a substance, the stronger it becomes.

Homeopathy also seems to suggest practitioners use what they think is best based on what sounds like an assessment of humors and symptoms, so there isn’t a lot of standardization. The vagueness of medication selection and “healing systems” aside (does that mean immune system and if so which branch?) the medications are often so dilute that they are chemically impossible. For example a 30 c dilution is 1 part in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. This is not biologically possible. There is a nice run down…

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