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Does Constructive Criticism Help?

What can you do with anthropology?

Several years ago, a man named Alan Kaiser tried in vain to publish an article about an archaeologist who plagiarized a female student’s work. He ultimately failed to do so, but he did eventually end up publishing it as a book, and he also wrote the article “Why The Peer Review Process Works Even When It Doesn’t” in order to illustrate his experience and what he learned from his failure.

The story in question that he was trying to publish involved a woman named Mary Ellingson, who wrote her dissertation on a number of figurines that she had excavated. However, her advisor, Robinson, published her dissertation as an entire chapter in one of his books, without giving her credit. As Kaiser thought this was an interesting story, particularly with regards to the role of women in research, he was eager to publish this article.

However, the article was…

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