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Whats in Your Pocket?

What can you do with anthropology?


What one carries around in there pocket can say a lot about someone according to Erin B. Taylor, the author of the blog “What do the things you carry say about you?”.  In the blog she examines the use of wallets and what one carries inside it, crucial items such as a motorbike, and last but not least, keys.  For me, when i received my license I began to carry around my wallet wherever I went.  The next addition to my wallet was my debit card and then came my college student ID.  Before one turns 18 and becomes a legal adult, an ID is rarely ever needed.  At the airport,for example, they do not require minors to present a form of identification but once one becomes an adult they do.

Next, for my crucial item i would include my phone.  My main sense of communication, I would honestly be…

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