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Virtual On-Line Patients and their Potential in Medical Education

A Monthly Digest of News and Hot Topics on Surgical Education

by Drs. Nancy Posel and David Fleiszer

This month Nancy Posel and David Fleiszer team up and explore the use of Virtual Patients in medical education. The gaming industry has a long history of providing user’s with interactive platforms for entertainment. From simple Atari tennis  (yes, I am that old!) to the highly realistic and accurate Assassins Creed, gamers have been immersed in this virtual world. Why not join them and provide accessible and timely medical education?

What is a Virtual Patient Case?

A Virtual Patient (VP) is: “an interactive computer simulation of real-life clinical scenarios for the purpose of medical training, education, or assessment.” It is an online scenario that permits learners to engage interactively in a non-threatening and risk-free environment allowing for optimum patient safety. In this respect, VP’s may also be considered as screen-based medical simulation.

Essentially, a VP is an opportunity for a learner to work through…

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