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5 Ways To Get Yourself Out Of A Mental Funk

Thought Catalog


1. Exercise

I know. You’ve seen this everywhere and everyone says it, and it’s so boring and tiring and easier said than done, but it’s so, so worth it. Working out is a great way to get up and moving. It’s so easy to just sit around, wallowing and bumming out. Getting up and doing something will give you an opportunity to blow off some steam as well as provide you with a change of pace and scene.

Not only does working out build more self-confidence and self-esteem (after the initial ‘I’m a tubby bum’ phase), but it attracts other people to you as well. Confidence is a trait that reflects in your walk, your expression, and your comfortability with speaking to people. Your body, after exercising, naturally releases endorphins that lift your spirits.

Get up. Go run, do some yoga, lift weights, play soccer. Do something.

2. Music

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