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Real zombies and life after death for the living

What can you do with anthropology?

In an Indonesian village called the Toraja people dig up their dead and clean them. This is for a ceremony known as the “Ma’nene” or “The ceremony of cleaning corpses”. The dead that have died in a place not of their origin are dug up, cleaned, dressed in new clothes after which their loved ones travel to the place of death and accompany them back to the village; This is in accordance with the Torajan belief that the spirit of the dead must return to his village of origin. This seems bizarre to many people and some would even criticize the Toraja village for this. But it is paramount that we keep in mind their values and beliefs which shaped this ritual and that it could be poles apart from our own values and beliefs.

Many people say that the dead live on in the hearts of the living and this makes it more…

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