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Healing the Root Chakra

Awakening Journey

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The Muladhara or root chakra rests at the base of spine, and the seat of Kundalini.  The central issues for root chakra blockage involves survival, stability, acceptance, self-preservation, deep-rootedness, perception, grounding, fear and safety.   The problems rest in the physical body involving self-preservation caused by fear usually resulting in issues during developmental stages from womb to 12 months.  These blockages may be caused by traumas and abuses, including, birth trauma, abandonment, physical neglect, poor physical bonding with the mother, malnourishment, feeding difficulty, major illness or surgery, physical abuse, inherited traumas (eg. war, poverty, etc.)

The sexual and adrenal hormonal glands may be affected as well as, organs in the immune system, base of spine, legs, bones and bone marrow, feet, rectum, and physical body support.  Physical dysfunction from blockage in the root chakra may include frequent illness, disorders of the bowel, large intestine, bones, teeth, problems with legs, feet, base of…

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