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A Deeper Understanding of Anthropology

What can you do with anthropology?

While Anthropologists are often viewed as doing work overseas, using participant observation and the ethnographic method to better understand the culture of a community and its individuals, anthropology is much more than that.  Graduate student Myeashea Alexander, who studies at CUNY Hunter College, describes her discovery of the importance of the study of anthropology after teaching some basics of the  subject to a students at a New York public school.  While the residents of New York aren’t exactly an isolated tribe, Alexander expresses how even though these students don’t live in a nearly inaccessible region of the globe, their community is separated by its inability to provide the individual with a traditional support structure at the fault of its sociopolitical location.

As Alexander stood in front of this wide eyed group of students, she had the realization of the importance in teaching anthropology. In educating younger generations she is helping…

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