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You are Only Insane if We Disagree


What is insanity? It is cultural! Who would have thought? Who would have expected that one arbitrary definition for cognitive functioning could exist as insanity in one body of knowledge and spiritual enlightenment in another.

In the case of the insane, whatever the majority of the population agrees is an aberrant experience indicates malfunction of the brain. This experience is accumulated through the senses. How we feel our perception is differentiated by a cultural norm, but a general sensorium (composite of the senses) at a basic biological level exists cross culturally. we are human beings with a fundamental blueprint. Some aspects of one culture’s sensorium are expressed genetically, as the cultural conditioning takes place. The feelings of the sense are made conscious through cultural knowledge and prior history of what is normal . We arrive at a cultural consensus of that which is valuable and in doing so, emphasize certain senses with which…

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