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Why It’s Important To Be Alone

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There are always those who immediately manage to move on and find another GF/BF right after a break-up. Starting something new definitely helps you move on from heartache of your past in hope for a better future. But to those who relationship-hop: are you really learning anything? About yourself, about what you want, or more importantly, what you need? If you are always in a relationship, you’re always giving some of yourself away, sacrificing your time, feelings, desires, goals. You are immediately allowing yourself to once again be defined by someone else.

For some, it is simply terrifying to be alone. You don’t have that person to text and call every day, don’t have someone to sleep next to you, tell you that they love you. People like being in a relationship because it provides a reliable safety net, and also, company.

But it is so important, especially while…

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