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Don’t Get Married Just Because You Think You’re In Love

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Don’t get married.

Don’t get married? Did I really just say that?

Yes. Yes I did. Not because I’m bitter and not because I don’t want to get married. I do want to get married, and I hope I will, but not now. Not for a while.

I could honestly probably find SOMEONE to date and then eventually marry him, but I don’t want to. I think everyone could stumble upon somebody to tie the knot with, but that’s not the point of love or marriage.

So many people are settling and getting married to the wrong person. What a shame that is. That might be one of the worst possible things a person can do. To cheat yourself out of your destiny? How could you?

So don’t. Don’t get married. Don’t get married because it’s the easy way out. Don’t get married because you’re lonely. Don’t get married…

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