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In the Business of Grad School


Do you want to know what an ex-humanities student writing business papers looks like?

She’s the one on the Oxford English Dictionary online reference looking up the evolution of the meaning of “corporate social responsibility.” That was one of my favorite things as an English student—typing in a word into this magical search engine to see what it meant in the eighteenth century versus the twenty-first. Because language changes and all that.

Honestly, if I could just figure out when the term “corporate social responsibility” was coined, then that would be a step in the right direction. I think. But of course the OED can’t help me there. Do you mean “corporalness?” the search engine asks me innocuously. No, I don’t. (I’m getting irrationally upset by this point.) I don’t even know what corporalness means (as in corporal punishment? or the body? I’m curious—just not enough to care).

So this…

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