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Michael Christie: Reading and exercise

National Post

Michael Christie’s debut collection of linked stories, The Beggar’s Garden, will be published this month by HarperCollins Canada. He’ll be guest editing The Afterword this week.

We all know these moments. We emit a sigh while stranded in the wasteland of a particularly arid and soulless passage, the words blurring like a prison wall constructed entirely of bricks of text. We sigh again, tip the book forward, examining it from the top, gauging our progress as a fraction — (¼, ½, ¾) — which never seems generous enough, given all the effort we’ve already invested. We flip a few pages ahead to see how much of the chapter is left, only to find that the book does not have chapters, that it is one continuous text, like the overheard monologue of a deranged auctioneer. We then decide on the necessity of doing the dishes, setting the book back on…

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