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Madonna’s vagina selfie that wasn’t (or a lesson in ageism for woman)

Dr. Jen Gunter

While reading some news articles for a future post I chanced upon a pure click bait link: Madonna’s vagina selfie

While normally I dismiss those things and move along with a nothing-here-for-you-to-see attitude, I just had to click.

madonna-billboard-music-awards-05-435x580Screenshot 2014-08-21 07.11.52Partly because I love Madonna and partly because I really wondered exactly what she posted.  After all, this is a woman who published a coffee table book entitled Sex filled with very explicit photos of herself, posed nude for multiple projects (just Google Madonna nude), and has appeared videos, print and many public places wearing very revealing bondage gear. In fact, recently she was at the Billboard music awards looking like she left her skirt at home.

Madonna is clearly not shy about her body. She  celebrates it and uses it in her art. Also, she has a new album coming out and some extra publicity never hurts. Given nude/semi-nude celebrity selfies are…

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